The Human Trafficking Prevention Project

Survival should not be criminalized.

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Mission & Vision

The Human Trafficking Prevention Project is dedicated to ending the criminalization of sex workers and survivors of human trafficking through access to civil legal services and support for policies that dismantle harmful systems and increase access to basic human rights and legal relief. Additionally, we seek to prevent exploitation in populations put at highest risk through partnerships with organizations that are intersectional to our own.

Community Engagement

The HTPP believes that collaboration and community engagement are critical to ensuring that potential clients can safely access our legal services with fewer barriers. The HTPP is proud to partner with numerous organizations throughout the state of Maryland whose missions intersect with our own, including programs providing outreach, case management, shelter and/or other supportive services to survivors of human trafficking, sex workers, returning citizens, people who use drugs, and/or individuals engaged in street-based survival, all of which are populations who are heavily criminalized and therefore put at significant risk of exploitation or re-victimization.


Below you’ll find links to previously recorded trainings, and other materials relevant to our work.

Resources on Criminal Record Relief

HTPP Recorded Webinars and Tipsheets

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